How to Own Social Media with This Simple Posting Technique

So you want to use social media to market and sell your products but have a hard time doing so. Join the club. I am a charter member my friend. I spent countless hours reading blog posts and taking courses designed to help me improve my social media posting skills, but to no avail. Sure, I could get engagement up, but actually converting them to customers was another story. All of that changed when I learned this simple technique. If you have purchased my pocket guide to Social Media Management, the information in this post will dovetail beautifully with the content inside the ebook. It is one I use for many of my clients to get deliverable results. The best part? It is so easy you might think I’m just messing with you. I’m not… it’s just THAT easy. Keep reading for the formula.

The Incredibly Simple 3 Step Social Media Posting Formula

Okay, so that’s a lot of words for a formula title, but it get the point across! Essentially what we are about to do, is find a person with a problem, aggravate their condition, then offer a solution. It works like this.

Step One: Pain. In order to solve the problem, we have to know what the point of pain is for the customer. Use copywriting to address this by starting social media posts with phrases like:

Are you tired of…..?

Can’t seem to figure out how to….?

Wonder why everyone is losing weight except you?

Curious to know the financial secrets of….?

You get the idea. You are going to use your copy to open with a compelling lead that acknowledges their point of pain head on. Once you do that, it’s on to step two… provocation!

Step Two: Provoke. So how does this contribute to your social media post? By aggravating the problem. It has a purpose though. Think of the old adage misery loves company. This is the same principle. By aggravating the problem we are soothing the customer. We are letting them know they are not alone. Many other people have the same problem. Taking an example from above, the copy might read like this…

Are you tired of not getting a good night’s sleep? For many, this is an every night occurrence. Sleep is elusive and distant. There is help though. You can get rest. Keep reading.

And here is another example…

Curious to know the financial secrets of the wealthy? Many believe the club to be exclusive and beyond reach. You might even believe financial freedom is unattainable. Not anymore. Keep reading to find out what the rich are doing to create wealth. Nothing is held back. This is full inside access.

You see how the copy stirs the pot a little bit to encourage the reader to take action? That is aggravation with a purpose my friends. It is highly effective.

Step Three: Panacea. Now it’s time to solve the problem. You can see in the example copy listed above how the solution is presented for each point of pain. The first helps those who battle insomnia while the latter addresses the problem of financial independence. Both follow the 3 step formula:

  • Pain
  • Provoke
  • Panacea

Put this formula to use on your next social media post. The yields are high and the copy really converts. If you are in charge of writing copy for your company, or a fellow freelance writer, I’m sure you will find this technique to be helpful. I look forward to your comments.