5 Copywriting Tools Every Freelance Writer Needs

jason w britt thesaurus

If you write copy for a living you have no doubt incurred your fair share of criticism. You have probably incurred your unfair share too. I know I have. Writing is not always a dream in Savannah, GA, even though the scenery is inspiring. It can be so frustrating to have your work ripped to shreds by some half wit client, or worse, a seasoned marketing department manager. Lucky for you, there is help. Listed below are 5 indispensable tools every freelance writer should use. These resources will help you produce work that is polished, perfect and unique. Most important? They will help you get paid. Check them out.

Copyscape. Most of your clients will use this to make sure the work you provide them has not been plagiarized. You jason britt copyscapecan use it to make sure nobody else is piggybacking off of your success! If you are a serious freelance writer, opt for the paid version. It’s not expensive and it will pay for itself in no time.

Unsuck Itunsuckit jason britt. Sometimes words don’t cooperate. You read what you have written and it just does not work. Oh, the copy makes sense. Your client will get the point, but they will never use you again because the flow is terrible. When that happens, use Unsuck It. Consider this resource to be your own personal wordsmith. You’re welcome.jason w britt thesaurus

Thesaurus.com. You should be using this one if you aren’t already. We have a tendency as people to reuse the same things over and over again. We are creatures of habit. Our writing is no different. Use Thesaurus.com to help you come up with great alternatives so your writing stands out!

EMV Headline Analyzer. You are probably wondering just what in the world this is exactly. A profit maker is the short answer. The longer one? It analyzes the emotional marketing value of your headline. Keep playing around with your words until the score increases. The higher the better with EMV.

Sitetunerssitetuners jason w britt. If you want to succeed as a professional freelance writer, you must write copy that converts. Sitetuners is the go to site for content optimization. It is a great resource every copywriter should take advantage of.

Bonus Freelance Writing Resources!

Okay, so here are a couple of other must haves for aspiring freelance writers. rhyme zone jwb

Rhyme Zone. Even though you are not a rapper, sometimes your copy needs to be. Rather than beat your head against a wall thinking up words that rhyme, pop over to rhyme zone and let them do it for you. Easy peezy, juts how I like it!

copy doodles jason w brittCopyDoodles.com. Need something hand drawn? Sometimes you do. A picture simply won’t cut it. Lucky for you, there is CopyDoodles. You have to pay for the service, but the benefits make the purchase totally worth it. Give it a try and see. It adds that extra little somthing to your work!

So now you have 5… er, um I mean 7, great resources to use the next time you get stuck. And you will get stuck my friend. It’s okay, it happens. Lucky for you, we have the internet; unlike best selling author Stephen King. It almost cost him Carrie. Fortunately he had a great wife to guide his writing and see him through. Maybe you do too. Maybe you don’t. It doesn’t matter. Using the tools mentioned above will propel your writing to rock star status. I’m not saying you will be on the level with the likes of someone like Stephen King, but it will keep clients fomr throwing your best work in the trash can.