Amazing Headlines? It’s Easy with These Tips!

You need to write amazing headlines. Why? Because good copy sells, great copy sells more and amazing copy sells the most. No matter what you are marketing online, your copy must resonate with buyers if you want them to pony up some skrilla and buy your products. This is true no matter what you are selling, from razors to real estate. Copy matters.

That being the case, your headline is extremely important. It is the first chance you have to dangle a carrot in front of a customer. If your carrot is brightly colored, interesting and unique, people will read further. If not, you will never get the golden “click”. You know what that is right? It’s the point where your customer is interested enough in what you have written that they click your link to read the rest of your article. It is marketing gold.¬† We covered how to do it with social media in a previous post. So how do you do it? Check out the following tips from industry veterans. You will be writing amazing headlines in no time.

Need Amazing Headlines? 5 Sites with Top Tips

jeff goins headline copy

Jeff Goins is the author of the national best seller, The Art of Work. You should subscribe to his site for updates and tips. He send them out frequently. The post featured here shares his tips for writing killer headline copy. Of particular interest is the formula he uses at the end. That makes this whole post worth the read. Check out his 5 strategies for writing great headlines. Read More


copyblogger headline resource

Copyblogger is a phenomenal resource for freelance writers. Their site is deep and wide. Pick a topic and find out everything you need to know for complete mastery of the skill. Headlines are one for which they are well known. The following post gives you tips on writing magnetic headlines. You can put them to work on your next post! Read more


coschedule headline writing

Here are a few tips from Kelly Smith via the CoSchedule blog. Okay, so there are more like 55 tips for writing headlines that sell. That’s a lot of tips, but they are actionable ready-to-use ideas you can implement right away. Check out the infographics too. You will find a lot of good information there. Read more


the guardian copy amazing headlines

David Marsh gives sound advice in this article from The Guardian. This is a great philosophical read. It gets behind the emotion of headline copy so you can internalize the craft a bit. It is a call to move from writing cheap click bait to compelling copy that invites the reader into the rest of what you have to say. Good advice, very helpful. Read more


skilledup headline writing

The team at SkilledUp know there way around content aggregation. Here is a great post featuring 16 resources for to help you write great headlines. Content is pulled from various areas, much like my post, and they are top notch. Give it a read and bookmark the site. You will come back to it again and again as a copy writing resource. Read more

How Many Tips Did I Just Give You?

I believe I just gave  you more than 70 tips for writing great headline copy in this blog post. This is bookmark worthy for sure. It will be a helpful resource the next time you need a great headline idea. After all, the secret to selling anything is generating interest via compelling explanation. Marketers call it a sales pitch. Freelance writers? A headline.

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