Wealth: 5 Books, 7 Figures, 4 Years

5 books 7 figures

The title above is best summed up in two words… “true story.” I am a firm believer that becoming wealthy is possible if you are willing to take the appropriate action. This is not the easy way, or the quick way, it is the only way. It works every time. Sure, there are course adjustments, testing, and adaptations that must be made; but the principle of sowing and reaping is alive and well, particularly with wealth. The basic principle of sowing and reaping has been around long before most of us were alive. We have different ideas of what it means. It is not the fast road to wealth, though late night television infomercials would have you think otherwise. It is a sound principle, that when applied to wealth, will grow exponentially. However, you must first understand how the principle is framed.

It speaks to farming. When you want to grow anything, you must first prepare the area for planting. Next you must plant your seed AT THE RIGHT TIME. Then… you wait. You wait a lot. You get tired of waiting. You get frustrated. You get mad. Four months in to waiting, and watering, you walk outside and realize you have a crop of something on your hands.

It is a cycle. The problem is, we are horrible at it. What you do after your first little bit of wealth is created makes all the difference. Most of us spend it. New trucks, new boats, tvs, purses, makeup, designer shoes, etc. Once we have “extra” (wealth), we spend it. Let this next sentence hit you with it’s full gravity.
What if every farmer did that same thing?

What if they took their crops and consumed? A lot of us would die of starvation because our culinary skills consist of boiling water, shaking salt, and pushing buttons on a microwave. The results of selfish farming would be disastrous. Whoooooa! Are you telling me that refusing to create wealth so my family can have a legacy is selfish? Yep, I am, but that is a post for another day. Right now we are focused on creating wealth.

If we are going to create wealth, we must do what the farmer does. He sells his crop, takes a portion to live on, and reinvests the rest of it back into his business of sowing and reaping. He may buy more land, or better equipment. Why? So he can plant larger crops, do a lot of waiting, and reap another harvest.

You get the idea now? Creating wealth is easy. To that end, I ask you what are you planting in yourself? If you only plant popular TV shows, gossip magazines, and nonsense social media videos, you will not reap very much. Instead, you have to plant things inside of you that make a difference. Things that prepare you to plant, or enlarge what you have already harvested. To do that, make sure you are sowing the right things inside of yourself, so you can sow and reap properly in your business. The two go hand in hand.

With that said, today, I want to give you a list of 5 books that literally changed my life. They helped me generate seven figures in three years, because of the concepts and principles I learned and put into practice. Buy them and put them to work for you. The money is negligible, and the principles can be used to sow and reap over and over again.

My Secret Reads to Wealth

wealth 5 books 7 figures

You can find a link to all of these resources in this article

1. Secrets of Great Rainmakers: The Keys to Success and Wealth. Jeffrey J. Fox lays it out in grand fashion with easy to understand concepts, and real world experiences. If you are marketing and selling anything, you should read this book at least once each year. You will finish ready to take on the world, and make it your oyster.

2. The 4 Hour Work Week. This is one of the best resources I have ever read on managing time, in regard to priority, and workflow. Tim Ferris uses a no nonsense approach to helping you get out of the 9-5 rat race the smart, efficient way. He himself has done quite well. He has gone on to create several other best sellers, a killer blog, and one of the best podcasts on the internet. Tim uses himself as the guinea pig so you don’t have to. He has also lived a pretty incredible life. Get the book, if nothing more than for the email tips alone. It will change how you operate.

3. EntreLeadership. I have always been a fan of Dave Ramsey and his uncanny ability to tell people to sell everything they have to get out of debt. The truth is, it works. So pay attention to the concepts and systems he espouses in Entreleadership. Pulled from more than 20 years of experience, from a guy who had it all, lost it all, and came back… it is a must read.

4. The One Minute Millionaire: The Enlightened Way to Wealth. This is by the famous Chicken Soup for the Soul author, Mark Victor Hanson, as well as self help guru Robert G. Allen. It’s filled with stories of people and their experiences creating wealth. I love it because it uses real-world examples to explain very crucial issues. Perhaps the best feature of the book is that it describes how you can create wealth, starting at zero. This is one of my all-time favorites.

5. The Sales Bible. Jeffrey Gitomer is one of the funniest motivational authors I have read. His Socratic, sarcastic wit, along with practical tips, make his book sing. The new version comes with updated social media strategies. I have not read that, but I am sure it is amazing. My version was the previous one and I paid just as much for it. Get the new version and see what Social Media Tips he has to offer. The meat of this book is worth it’s weight in gold.

Now you know a few of the things that have influenced me. They helped me reach seven figures in a few short years. I’m not saying that any one can do this. What I am saying is absolutely everyone can! It’s not hard to make money. You just have to be willing to put in the work. These resources will help you develop your plan. They will shape your mind and influence the way you think. Once you can begin to think and assess situations like rich people do, you will be well on your way to creating your own wealth. You will take smart risks and recognize great opportunities. Who knows, you might even develop your own online writing business complete with pocket guides!

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  1. Jason, you are so inspiring! Proud to have known you when. (Les would like to attribute part of your success to those Brooks Bros. suits.) Keep up the good works, my friend – and God Bless!!!

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