Making Money Online as a Freelance Writer – Part 2

jason britt warm email prospecting

So in our making money online discussion last week I talked about avoiding content mills. I promised a follow up post to show you exactly where to go and what to do if you want a solid career as a freelance writer. If you are fed up, consider this post to be your own personal manifesto. Before you do that though, consider it to be a road map. I’m about to give you the single biggest resource I use to land my top clients. Even better, I’ll disclose my method as well. I’m not just going to show you where to fish, I’m going to show you how to catch them too.  Let’s dig in.

Where Your Big Freelance Clients are Hiding

Just before we jump into the making money online pond I would like to share a book you. It will require payment, but it’s cheap. Like  $2.99 cheap. Ramit Sethi is the online business guru behind I Will Teach You to be Rich. He knows his stuff. Download his ebook Your Move and read it. Consider this to be laying the  groundwork for your future growth. Once you are finished with the book, you will understand. Now to the nitty gritty of this post.

Your Big Fish are on LinkedIn

making money online bookedThat’s right. Your big clients are hiding on LinkedIn. They are waiting for you. They want to meet you. All you have to do is find them. Josh Turner had one of the greatest resources for this. You can grab Booked, his best selling work on setting up a killer lead generation system, and give it a read. It has all the details you need to create a steady flow of leads so your pipeline stays full. And while it addresses various social media platforms, LinkedIn is his baby. In fact, Josh inspired me to use LinkedIn to land my own big clients.

now I’m going to give you my method for pulling in clients from LinkedIn. but understand, the credit really belongs to Josh. His book contains so much more than what I am about to give you. With that said, here is what I do.

Get Involved. LinkedIn allows you to join groups. The mistake most people make is joining a group that echos their skill set. For instance, as a writer, there are hundreds of writing groups I could join. I did in the beginning before I read Booked. And guess what? I found those groups to be FULL of people just like me, asking me if they could write for me or if I had leads for them! What? I was in the business of finding customers to serve, not handing out leads or hiring people for work. The mistake was honest, but it taught me a lesson. You will not get any business joining groups full of people just like you.

The secret? Think about your customers and find groups they might be part of. once I flipped my thinking, everything changed. I landed a web design firm and SEO company by joining a group and making the necessary introductions. It was that easy.

Reach Out Properly. This is where the rubber meets the road. You must know how to properly reach out to a jason britt warm email prospectingprospect once you have identified them as such. If you screw this part up, you will never land the client. Your dreams of making money online as a freelance writer will be dashed. Fortunately, It’s pretty easy. Even better? We have help for this one too. His name is Ed Gandia. I have been following him for a few years now and I absolutely love his material. His book, Warm Email Prospecting, is a home run. And while it applies to email, you can apply the same concepts to LinkedIn messages.

Essentially, you are going to toss out everything you know about traditional email marketing and opt for a warm lead in. Try to find a connection to your potential client. Maybe you went to the same college, or have the same hobbies. Anything you can do to make a connection is helpful. If you don’t have anything in common that’s fine too. They are hiring you because of your skill set, not because you like golf.

Final Thoughts on Making Money Online

To that end, be honest and genuine. Take some time and review their content. Show them how you can make a difference for them based on how you have made a difference for others. If you have never served anyone in that sector, or you are just starting out, ask them for a chance. Then honestly state why you should be given a chance. Warm email prospecting works wonders when you follow the steps.

So to recap:

  1. Your big money clients are on LinkedIn.
  2. Join LinkedIn groups where your customers are and get involved.
  3. Send potential clients a warm message honestly explaining how you can help them.
  4. Repeat.

Do this over and over to keep your pipeline full of opportunity and warm leads. At some point you will find yourself stepping away for a time being. When that happens, congratulations! You are now making money online as a freelance writer. Life is good at the top. See you there.

Want more help with your online business? Take a look at my Pocket Guides. I have several to choose from. They cover different topics. One is sure to help!