About Jason Britt

Let me start by saying I love freelancing. I could not imagine doing anything else, but the road here was a strange wild trip as some would say. Growing up in Alabama gives life a unique perspective. We got to church a lot, eat pot roast and meat loaf 5 days a week and love sweet tea. I have a great mom who taught me incredible values, which I have not always listened to. However, I still turned out better than expected by most standards. My roots are humble, but strong nonetheless. I have always been an entrepreneur of sorts, but found myself pointed toward seminary for college.

Seminary, Pharmacy and Pizza

That’s right, seminary. I do not have a journalism degree, know way too much Greek, and just enough Hebrew to be dangerous. After college I went right into full time ministry. This was one of the most rewarding and frustrating times of my life. After several wonderful and many sour experiences spanning 16 years or so, I hung my spurs up. I still love God and His work, I just serve in a different capacity now.

Good thing for me I had a mass communications/marketing minor. I went into business with a friend in a completely unexpected industry… pharmacy. We had a good 8 year run and the company was eventually sold after my exit. I am proud of what we did, and I learned a LOT.

For one, I am good at selling anything so long as I believe in the product. Second, I am a great deal maker. In fact, that was the part of my job I loved most. There is no greater rush than sitting in a board room with 3-7 executives and walking out with a deal that benefits everybody in the room an hour later. I loved it.

After the company was sold, Savannah was calling, so we packed up and moved. What happened next? I took a stupid pill. I bought a restaurant like a dummy. I will tell you there is a reason there are no doctor rescue shows, or car dealership rescue shows. They don’t need rescuing. Reality rescue shows center around restaurants for a reason. It is a cut throat business with razor thin margins. The room for error is very small. Luckily, we got out of the business in time to maintain our dignity. I will NEVER do that again. Kudos to restaurant owners. If you are successful you really know your game.

The Beginning was ROUGH

After a month or so we were able to breathe and I decided to take up freelance writing. I know, it sounds crazy, but that is what happened. I have always loved to write, and speak, so it was a natural fit. I loved it too. Starting out was rough though. I was not really under much pressure, since we still had money from the pharmacy sell, but I am not one to sit still.

I launched headlong into the craft taking every job I could find. I wrote product descriptions (ugh), cheezy supplement articles (no not horny goat weed type stuff, just run of the mill muscle mass building nonsense) and long, long listicles for little pay. It was beyond frustrating to go from the CEO of a multi-million dollar corporation to writing articles for peanuts. I knew something had to change unless Taco Bell was going to be a long term dinner staple.

Smarter Approach, Better Clients

I shifted gears. Slowly I upgraded my clients so I could make more, and found better prospects along the way. Ironically, I found myself doing what I loved before, making deals and selling. I found that once I understood what a client’s needs were, it was easy to make a pitch and get them on board. “But what about the deliverables?” you ask. “Doesn’t that part make you nervous?” No, so long as you deliver. I did that for 8 years. It doubled and tripled our business every year. I know how to deliver.

Six years later I am going strong after wanting to quit many times over. Along the way I wrote a series of pocket guides that still generate revenue for me every month on Amazon. I’m proud to say my Ultimate Sales Funnel Pocket Guide hit number one in its category during the promo period. Incidentally, it now contains all 7 of my ebooks. It tops out at just over 200 pages depending on your device format.

However, my first love is writing quality content for my clients. I have been able to develop some amazing relationships with people I never dreamed of. I am continually humbled by the new opportunities I am presented with from time to time. Freelance writing is where I fit.

A Personal Conclusion

All of this to say, if you need a copy writer, I am your guy. I will work to make sure your are satisfied. There are ancillary benefits too, given my experience. Ministry, pharmacy and pizza are an odd combination after all. And while I can’t guarantee to send anyone to hell for you, or help you create a dreamy drug cocktail (that’s way north of illegal), I can give you a killer sauce recipe to use at your house. Customers raved about our sauce. We still use it when we make pies at home.

If all of this sounds good, I would love to hear from you. I would love to create custom content for your business. Then maybe we can have a scotch or cigar afterward. I consider myself to be a snob in both departments and always stand ready for either or both if the company is good. I look forward to hearing from you.