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Check out my Sales Funnel Pocket Guides. If you struggle with things like writing good copy, creating great landing pages or building a winning website, my pocket guides can help. They give you the necessary resources needed to create a winning long game for your online business.


The Ultimate Sales Funnel Guide

online marketing


This is the book that started it all. Learn the basic components of a killer sales funnel and how to put one together. Easy to read and full of great information, this will be a go to resource for you time and again. Even better, if you have questions after purchasing, simply email me and I’ll give you advice for moving forward!

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The Best Basic Customer Care Guide

customer service


Most of us understand the benefits of giving great customer service. However, are you aware of how it could indirectly impact your business too? treat your customers right and you could reap big rewards.







The Most Effective Content Marketing Strategies You Need to Master

effective strategies for marketing copy


Stop struggling to with content marketing. This ebook will help you write copy that converts. Remember, it’s not what you say, but how you say it.







The Best Starting Your Own Website Guide for Newbies

start your own website



Creating your own website is not difficult. That was not always the case. Yet, with so many platform options, creating an online business that sings is a breeze. Get going in no time with this ebook.





Why Your Blog Sucks and How to Fix it

how to fix your blog


So your blog is a bit lackluster. Okay, it flat out stinks. Roadways in Siberia get more traffic. This ebook will help you change that. it’s not as hard as you think.






The Ultimate Pocket Guide to Social Media Management

social media management pocket guide



Learn to use different social media platforms like a pro. You will discover which type of content works best on each platform, and when you should post for maximum impact.





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